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Contractor Service

We now offer services for DIY's and contactors! Here's what we offer:

-Custom Metal Flashings; We can bend you up almost anything including roof line flashings, chimney flashings, fascia, and more. Just email us or text over a drawing of what you need bent and we will bend it for you. Pricing is as follows: $3.00 per ft of aluminum (24" wide) $2.00 per slit and $1.00 per bend
-Seamless Eavestrough delivered by the ft. Free delivery with orders over 80ft, $5.00 per ft includes brackets, i/s & o/s miters $8.00 each, small square down pipe $10.25 each (10ft), pipe straps $0.45 each, gutter seal $6.25 each, drop outlets $2.00 each.
-24 ft grade one ladder rental $25.00 per day includes ladder ears, delivery and pick up.
- Econodek deck waterproofing membranes sold by the ft contactor rates available see us in store for details. We carry all required accessories to complete install.
-Leister hand held heat welder $50.00 per day rental only
-Rent bender time in our shop $15.00 per hour bring your own aluminum or buy from us

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